Mainstreaming GEnder Dimension Into WAter Resources Development and Management in the MEDiterranean Region.

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Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer de la Junta de Andalucía (IAM-JA)
Type of Organization: Governmental
ANDALUCIA WOMEN INSTITUTE. JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA C/ Dona Maria Coronel, No. 5 41003 Sevilla/Spain Spain
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The Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer (Women’s Institute of Andalusia) is an organism of the Junta of Andalusia (Regional Government) that fosters equal rights and opportunities for both women and men with the objective of advancing toward a model of society that incorporates new forms of co-existence that are more democratic and equal. The Institute carries out many tasks but those that are more relevant to the project activities are described bellow:

Advising the Andalusia government, promoting and coordinating activities in the different departments for the development and execution of equal opportunity plans for women as instruments of the Andalusia government's political action in favour of women.

Studying and investigating the situation of women in Andalusia, from the institution itself as well as through scholarships and aids in research for their later publication and diffusion.

Gathering, publishing and disseminating information and documentation relative to women.

Revising periodically current laws and their application regarding the principle of equality.

Promoting women's insertion in the labour force through the creation of information and orientation centres and of professional training programmes.

Cooperating with the local administration in coordinating equality policies setting up municipal information centres for women.

Promoting and creating specific services for women.

Carrying out permanent campaigns through the mass media and disseminating materials that promote social values of equality between women and men.

Encouraging the establishment of women's associations.

Since its creation, the Women's Institute of Andalusia has strengthened its network of information and counselling centres for women’s equal rights and opportunities. Likewise, these centres increase social awareness and conscientiousness regarding the advancement of a new model of society that incorporates women's contributions. At present, there are eight provincial offices located in each of the Provincial capitals. They have two functions: one is that of provincial delegation of the WIA and the other is to constitute information and care centres.

The Women’s Institute of Andalusia has established the “Maria Zambrano Documentation Centre” where a large variety of documentation services are provided to users.

The Women’s Institute of Andalusia has created a Gender and Equity Unit to consolidate the gender mainstreaming in Andalusia. This is a first experience to provide the decision makers with the knowledge and tools to integrate a gender dimension in their decisions and activities giving in this way a strong support to the recommendations of the EU.

The IAM will coordinate the participation of other Departments of the Junta de Andalucía that are directly responsible for water resources management and agricultural development, in specific: the General Division of Rural Development of the of Agriculture and Fisheries Secretary (Dirección General de Desarrollo Rural de la Consejería de Agricultura y Pesca) and the General Secretary for Water (Secretaría General del Agua).


National Coordinator:

Soledad Ruíz Seguin


National Collaborators:

Maria Angeles Garrido

Ms. Soledad Ruiz, Director of the Andalucian Women Institute