Mainstreaming GEnder Dimension Into WAter Resources Development and Management in the MEDiterranean Region.

The Project

Project Duration:

GEWAMED project has started on 15 February 2006 and will have a duration of 4 years.

The GEWAMED project objectives and activities are largely based on the recommendations of a workshop held at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (Italy) in June 2004 within the framework of the EC-INCO funded Specific Support Action (SSA): "Integrating Gender Dimensions in Water Management in the Mediterranean Region" (INGEDI). The mentioned Workshop identified the main problems limiting the integration of women in water management which are reported below:

  • Lack of coordination mechanisms among relevant institutions and related bodies.
  • Lack of institutional support for information/dissemination.
  • Lack of coordination among women programmes.
  • Insufficient knowledge among men and women about their own rights.
  • Lack of access to information and technology (particularly in the sanitation area).
  • Limited political commitment in integrating gender dimensions in water-related policies, legislations and programmes.
  • Few initiatives undertaken to ensure women´s participation in water-related decision-making.
  • Lack of skills and knowledge in promoting gender mainstreaming in integrated water resources management.

and suggested the following solutions:

  • Establishment of a Mediterranean network to be interlinked with national ones and, where applicable, to existing local networks.
  • Develop information and communication strategies.
  • Develop a national agenda for mainstreaming gender issues in water resources management.
  • Undertake national seminars and workshops with women associations and government agencies.
  • Provide information at all levels addressing issues on water and sanitation, and risk assessment.
  • Capacity building on gender analysis and participatory tools in water resources management.
  • Sensitise policy-makers on the importance of integrating a gender perspective in integrated water resources management.

The GEWAMED project is largely a response to those recommendations strongly felt by the participants of the INGEDI Workshop.

For a detailed description of the project, the reader should refer to the document: Institutional Coordination and Streamlining Partners Activities in the Framework of GEWAMED Project contained in the documentation data base.