Mainstreaming GEnder Dimension Into WAter Resources Development and Management in the MEDiterranean Region.

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This section will help you exploring the content of this shared knowledge base. Whenever you find problems during the navigation process, do not hesitate to Contact Us for further information, or add your questions to the Definition and Faq section.

In the Home page, you have a quick access to the last Newsletter and the Last News and a short summary about them. In addition, if you are interested in having access to the full list of the Newsletters as well as the detailed News, you may explore the sections: Newsletter and News.

If you want to have a detailed information about the GEWAMED project, it's objectives, activities and results, you should visit the Project section.

And if you are interested in having an idea about the Consortium of GEWAMED, you should make a tour in the section: Partners. Within this section, a Mediterranean map was included as well as a list of the organizations, partners of GEWAMED. To display the detailed information about every partner (which includes: Type of the organization, Presentation of the organization, National Coordinator and Staff included in the project and the contact information), you may click on the interested organization of its respective number on the Mediterranean map.

Concerning the Newsletter section, it will be possible to freely display (without any registration) the contents of the newsletters already uploaded to the site. A progressive list related to the quarterly sent newsletters is also included. It'll be sufficient to click on the related menu item to display its contents. Furthermore, if you are interested in receiving by email the next Newsletters of GEWAMED, you can do it through a registration process that requests the following information: Name, Organization, Address, Type of the organization and Email.

The News section of the site contains a list of all the news, from the most recent, and successively loaded inside it. Clicking on each of them, distinguished per title, it will be possible to access to the visualisation of the whole selected news. A page numbering (set at the bottom of the page) will allow to roll to the next page. This news section provides information about future events, relevant articles and interviews and publications.

The Documentation section is among the most important sections; it consists on a wide virtual library of all the documents produced within the project as well as other documents already published by several organizations. This section is being updated periodically and we expect to provide to users with one of the most complete documentation about gender and water issues in the Mediterranean. All the documents are already classified according to 3 criteria: the geographic location ( Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean countries), the sector (Social, Economic, IWRM, Agriculture, ) and the type of the document (Research, Background, Proceedings, ) so that any user can make a targeted search using a combination of one or more of the mentioned criteria. All the documents are summarized briefly and by clicking on every one, it will be possible to read the whole selected document or downloaded.

Country Information: The country profiles are documents prepared by the partners where a summary of the situation of the water resources development and management of their country are given and also the role that women play at present.
For some of the Mediterranean countries the profiles are already available but not for all. However gradually they will be added for all project partners. To select the country profile the system will bring you to the documentation section and there select the country, and the type of document (Country Information) and you will be taken to the corresponding documents.

The Main Events section provides a list of both Project Events and Project External Events from the most recent to the latest ones, and gives you the possibility to display only the category you are interested in. So after choosing among the options available (Project Events, Project External Events and All Events) then just click on one of the records of the list and a full description of the event is provided. A page numbering bar, at the top of the page, will allow you to roll to the next page. With this section we want users to be constantly informed about all the events organized by the Project as well as the activities undertaken by other organizations.

The Link section contains a list of selected organizations (International, NGOs and Partners) with a brief presentation about them and their web site.

We tried our best to make this web site as simple as possible and the navigation easier, we added 3 other sections: Site map, Definitions and Faq and Contact Us. The first is the "tree structure" of the site; the second contains a list of definitions related to gender and water issues and questions and their respective answers and finally, the last to keep in contact with us through: phone, fax, email and address. The Forum section will be active when the first topic of discussion will be introduced.

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